Sunday, January 03, 2016

Start the New Year

Part of what I wanted to do this year was to "do more stuff". It is a nebulous thing, but something I thought I could accomplish.

I went to the movies to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the second time tonight. It was good. I still think it is a great movie. I would absolutely see it again and contribute to it beating Avatar for the most profitable movie ever.

After the movie, I went to the First State to see my co-worker play a show with his band, The New Shields. It was a a bar called 1984 and focuses on  retro arcade games. I was not nearly good enough at Street Fighter as I used to be, and pinball was a bit too pricey for my blood. $1 per play is not ideal.

It was a good time. Plenty of cute girls. Me being too shy to say anything. I had fun hanging out with my friends. I ran into a guy I know from work. I even got complimented on my beard from some random guy. I'll take what I can get.

It was a good night. I should do it more often.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween Mix for 2015

What is this? A post? No way!

Every year, I try to make a new mix for Halloween.
I say every year, but of course there were some year I skipped. I started in 2002, and made 5 through 2008. I started back up in 2011 with The Return, and have had an annual one since.
So, here is the list for this year:

Halloween 2015
  1. 1. Rob Zombie – Transylvania Transmissions Pt. 1
  2. 2. Rihanna – Disturbia
  3. 3. Mötley Crüe – Shout at the Devil '97
  4. 4. Tegan and Sara – Walking With A Ghost
  5. 5. Kyuss – Demon Cleaner
  6. 6. The Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein
  7. 7. 45 Grave – Evil
  8. 8. The Atomic Fireballs – Man With The Hex
  9. 9. The Fuzztones – She's Wicked
  10. 10. The Fat Man and Team Fat – Mr. Death
  11. 11. Johnny Cash – Ain't No Grave
  12. 12. Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie
  13. 13. Scrappy Cartoon – I'm A Ghost
  14. 14. John Massari – Killer Klown March
  15. 15. Ozzy Osbourne – Hellraiser
  16. 16. Anthrax – Bordello of Blood
  17. 17. The Cramp – Human Fly
  18. 18. Chvrches – Bella Lugosi's Dead
  19. 19. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Spellbound
  20. 20. Buddy Baker – Swinging Wake
  21. 21. The Brass Action – The Devil Down Below
  22. 22. The Fleshtones – Dracula A GoGo
  23. 23. Ghost B.C. - I'm A Marionette
  24. 24. Imogen Heap – Getting Scared

​As you can guess, it is fairly eclectic. There is some stuff from soundtracks, random stuff I found and even a video game song. There is also a supreme lack of Misfits and other Halloween-esque staples. I have used them a bunch of times. It is getting increasingly more difficult to come up with varied songs.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I still come here.

I am feeling antsy again.

I need to do something creative. I have no idea what that something is, but I am going to push my way towards... something, anyway.

I read an article recently that a friend of mine posted on Facebook, "Ten Rules of Writing" by Amitava Kumar. In it he discusses his influences for focusing on writing and his own personal philosophy on writing. It is fairly brief, but worthwhile.

One of the rules is to set modest goals. Most times I read suggestions on writing, the same thing is listed every time: write every day. Pretty simple, really. Kumar was the first to have the modesty part. He only suggested about 150 words. Truth be told, I am almost there as of this sentence. I thought that even I can do that. So, here I am giving it a go.

Now, one of his other rules is something I definitely work on: walk for 10 minutes.

Basically, get some exercise everyday. Granted, this is something I should probably do any way. I have even been talking with my more in-shape brother on a regimen to get into. I think it is more of a sign now that I have seen in on a list of suggestions on how to write well. Even thinking back to reading Stephen King's On Writing, he makes reference to going on walks a lot. (It was even on a walk that lead to him being hit by a car.) Still, even a walk is better than just sitting around all day. It could get the blood flowing to the right places to inject life into dormant brain cells.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Flare up

I feel like crap.

It isn't a medical thing. There is no ailment, that I am aware of contaminating my system. My medicines, analgesics and daily vitamins seem to be doing their job. It seems to be emotional.

I apparently have emotions. Score one for not being a robot. At least not an unsophisticated robot. Still, no idea what my actual problem is at the moment. Could be many things. Could be one thing. Could be psychosis, but I doubt that. I already think I am partially crazy, so that must mean I am not right? That's how that works... Maybe.

Other than that. I got nothing. I keep getting urges to write something. Creative urges. It's weird, I know. Urges send me to bad places. Maybe that is how I got here? Too much introspection.

Anyway, I am starting to either fizzle or spark. I have no idea which. Like a freshly struck match, will I flare-up to burn out, or become a raging inferno, consuming all in my path. Perhaps somewhere in-between, like canned fuel for those summer parties trying to keep the roast beef warm till the end of the buffet. Who knows? I sure don't.

If I write about what is really going on in my head, I would probably sound like a high school goth kid. Bad poetry and all. Not a cutter or anything, just a mopey kid who has no idea what the real world is or what he should be.  Even worse, I don't think anyone would really care. Don't know if that is emo me, or current me. Probably all of the above.

People are in their own world, dealing with their own stuff. I am torn between not wanting to burden anyone with my problems and feeling like my problems aren't as significant as their own. Many people see their own life as the only thing that is important. I don't know how I feel about that. I want to be selfish. I am certainly not altruistic. I just don't know what is me.

So ends a tiny rant from an insignificant man. Go about your day.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Winter Quest Solo Adventure Part 2

So, where was I? That's right, not writing on a proper schedule.

Finally at work, Monday, and the place was dead. Granted, my mall typically looks like the set from Dawn of the Dead, only with less zombies. There were a few places open. The brave employees for corporate stores that brave their salary and modest wages... and me. Still I had work to do. It was a Monday, and I have a routine.

Monday is typically the day I need to get my inventory done. For two reasons, really. One is so I know what to order later in the month. The other is that I need to adjust the quantity of our order coming in a couple days if need be. Typically it means decreasing the amount of comics we are getting because of lack of sales and no return-ability option.

I deemed it classic rock day because I bought some CDs (remember those?) the day before. The likes of Kansas, Boston, Foreigner, and the Scorpions were my company for the day. Apparently, that was the nearly literal.

I had one person come into the store in the morning. One. He is a regular and I see him multiple times a week. Sure, he is odd for even comic book stereotype standards, but he usually buys something. Unfortunately, he usually only buys one quarter comic. Thant's right. One 25-cent comic book. That was the extent of my sales till about 2:30. The only people I saw until then were the Postal carrier and the UPS delivery guy.

Chick-Fil-A seemed like the only place that was doing business. They seemed to have a steady stream of people buying chicken and chicken flavored products. That was until the spontaneously closed around 2. They were one of the only places actually making money and they closed. That wasn't a good sign.

Going back to when I first got into work, my first phone call was my boss. He was asking how it was and how the roads were. I didn't sugarcoat anything. I said they were terrible and getting worse. Probably not the best idea to try and brave it for no reason. He told me to leave whenever I felt like it. This was at 10:30.

I stayed till 3:30.

See, I am way to dedicated to getting my work done. I decided to finish my inventory and input my order changes. I had one other customer who braved the weather. Thankfully, he justified his determination with a respectable $80 sale. That was about it though. As soon as finished with him, my orders and a general sweep of the store, I was going home.

Surprisingly, the worst part about going home was getting out of the mall parking lot. This didn't really surprise me. The mall isn't the most on-point when it comes to snow clean-up. They finally got around to sending plows and tiny Bobcats to clear some of the lot. My car, of course, was still surrounded by a layer of heavy snow. I had a secret weapon though. Instead of trying to rock my car through the snow and risk slipping and spinning into something I didn't want to hit, I used a shovel. Yes, I have a shovel in the back of my car. I should have been a boy scout. Some quick snow removal later, and my car could escape the snowy grasp of my parking spot. That should have been the end of it.

Little did I know that there was no clear path to actual exit the mall parking lot though. I made it to the outer-rim of road. When I tried to get to the exit, my path was blocked by more standing, un-plowed snow. Thankfully, some brazen mall escapee trail-blazed a path for me. So, best I could, I sunk into their pre-driven tire tracks and escaped the confines of the mall. The drive home was fine after that.

The only other significant thing that happened occurred when I finally parked at home. A little kid, probably around 10 or so, was shoveling the sidewalk across the street from my house. When I got out of my car, he asked if he could shovel the sidewalk in front of my house. I told him,"Sure, if you want to." I then went inside to drop all my stuff off and grab a drink.

The kid started shoveling. I felt a little bad, so I was going to help him some. Yes, I was going to pay him. I am not that stingy. I mainly allowed the kid to do it because he asked and I really didn't want to do it myself. So, I went to to clear the walkway to my house while the kid worked on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the kid was gone when I got back outside.

Begrudgingly, I had to shovel it all myself. Heavy, wet snow is the worst when it comes to clean-up. It is gross and messy. It splashes when you heave it out of the way. My shovel handle broke in true, typical fashion. My brother showed up after the initial clean-up with a better shovel.

After that, it was time to eat something, take a nap and generally try to figure out what to do with my extra time off. Mainly, it was take a nap. I like naps.